Bridge To JIRA - Present JIRA issues filtered on custom fields

JIRA issues can have a number of custom fields added by the administrator. The "Bridge To JIRA" plugin is capable of making use of those.

All the JPQL language features can be used from the plugin.

But first of all one needs to know what is the name of the custom field. Here, the plugin can help using the custom buttons added to the classic editor toolbar. The "JIRA Field" button opens a combo with all the fields known to JIRA. We just added a custom field called "Team", but this is "friendly" name of the field, so in order to use it with the plugin, we need its internal JIRA name.

Look for the "Team" field in the JIRA Field combo.

We can now write the short-code to only present the issues which are under progress and that were assigned to the Analysis team. For selecting the Team field we can help ourselves with the aforementioned "JIRA Field" tool. Note that inside the JPQL query we must use the "friendly" name of the field, that is "Team".

[btj-table fields=key,customfield_10033,summary,status]project=DBTJ and Team="Analysis team" and status="In Progress"[/btj-table]

Note that the table below comes live from our JIRA instance and it is updated automatically when the data changes.

DBTJ-2Analysis teamTalk to team T1In Progress
DBTJ-1Analysis teamDefine product requirementsIn Progress

This is just a small showcase of the features available in our plugin. Check here for more details.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a demo and a trial version.

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