Bridge to JIRA - Present JIRA Issues in Your Posts

Using the Bridge to JIRA plugin it has never been easier to display a table of your JIRA issues.

A simple short-code, as the one below, renders all the issues in a project.

[btj-table fields="key,summary,assignee,status"]project=DBTJ[/btj-table]

The table below comes live from our own JIRA instance and is updated automatically.

DBTJ-11Wrong mock for input screenJane DoeTo Do
DBTJ-10Tests failJohn DoeTo Do
DBTJ-9Backend is too slowJohn DoeTo Do
DBTJ-8Flicker in front-endJohn DoeTo Do
DBTJ-7Implement mail backend for application FooTo Do
DBTJ-6Implement frontend for application FooJohn DoeTo Do
DBTJ-5Implement input stage for application FooJohn DoeTo Do
DBTJ-4Research 3rd party librariesJohn DoeIn Progress
DBTJ-3Check existing solutions on the marketJohn DoeIn Progress
DBTJ-2Talk to team T1Jane DoeIn Progress
DBTJ-1Define product requirementsJane DoeIn Progress

Let's break it down.

  • fields contains the actual issue fields that you want displayed in the table (by the way, watch this space for our post on custom fields)
  • the short-code content (in this example project=DBTJ) is a JPQL query saying that we wish to retrieve all the issues from project DBTJ. JPQL should be quite familiar to JIRA users.

This is just a small showcase of the features available in our plugin. Check here for more details.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a demo and a trial version.

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